– an arrow in the heart of the Intifada –

“Fanatics have their dreams, wherewith they weave

a paradise for a sect….” 

Keats, “The Fall of Hyperion: A Dream”

When you complete your mission

and arrive in the place of Judgment,

you will be greeted

by seventy-two beautiful virgins

who won’t like you.

They’ll talk only to each other,

form hostile little cabals,

engage in whispering campaigns

to discuss your every earthly peccadillo,

and, most of all, mock your ambition

to be honored as a martyr.

No martyr, they will say, ever won his crown

by murdering innocent people

You lost your life in vain.

4th Day Chol HaMoed Pesach

20 Nisan, 5762/April 2, 2002


This poem won Third Place in the 18th Annual Reuben Rose Poetry Competition, 2007, and appears in Voices Israel 2008

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Last Modified: March 4, 2008